Company Introduction

We stand on the brink of an exciting new future where Virtual Reality (VR) will completely transform the entertainment industry. Games and movies will be more immersive than ever before. Businesses that adapt and take advantage of this technological revolution will have the ability to deliver an experience unlike any other to their clients. At Vivendi Universal Interactive our goal is to give you the opportunity to be part of this movement. We are building platforms for businesses – 100% confidential.

What can VR be used for?

Currently, some of the popular applications of VR include casino games, adult entertainment and video games. The reason is that customers enjoying such things are often looking for a more lifelike experience. They want to feel they are right there where everything happens, just like it was in real life. In this area, an advanced VR platform can work wonders. Thanks to recent advances in VR technology, it no longer feels as flawed and unnatural as in its infancy. Nowadays the resolution is higher and the VR-devices worn are more comfortable and less distracting to the overall experience.

For casinos, it’s the live casino games that benefit the most. The very purpose of a live casino is to transform an online betable casinos into something that feels like you visited a traditional land-based casino. “You can see this being adapted in both social channels and games” says Ramon Pawel at LeoVegas Casino. With VR it could be possible to see a real human dealer right in front of you and interact and communicate in a way previously not possible. By claiming a bonus at and visiting a VR casino you will really increase your level of entertainment. It is safe to say that VR in Casinos is here to stay. Same goes for VR in porn. Many customers are getting tired of ordinary content and want something more. VR allows for interesting camera angles and more user involvement. It feels like it takes place in 3D and more real in general. Finally, there is the video game industry where everything from action and horror to sports and simulators can benefit from VR platforms. At Vivendi Universal Interactive our motto is: – Building Platforms for businesses – 100% confidential. This means we protect your secrets and make sure you become a satisfied customer.

Man experiencing the power of virtual reality

The future is bright

At VU Interactive we believe that this is only the beginning. VR technology is improving fast, and in the coming years, the few remaining problems will likely be solved. Businesses that are prepared with an up-to-date VR platform will gain a massive competitive advantage. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business to deliver high-quality VR experiences.

About VU Interactive – Experts on building VR platforms

With VR becoming more and more important, businesses that operate in the entertainment industry must prepare themselves. VU Interactive can help.